The Dominican Republic is a country located in the Caribbean region of North America. It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and is the second-largest country in the Caribbean by area after Cuba.

The Dominican Republic has a population of approximately 10.9 million people, making it the most populous country in the Caribbean. The majority of the population is of mixed African and European descent, with a smaller percentage of indigenous Taíno people. The official language is Spanish, and the country has a rich cultural heritage influenced by indigenous, African, and European traditions.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate with hot and humid weather year-round. It is known for its beautiful beaches, resorts, and cultural attractions, and is a popular tourist destination. The country has a diverse landscape, ranging from mountains and valleys to plains and beaches, and is home to a number of protected areas and national parks.

The economy of the Dominican Republic is primarily based on agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. Major exports include tobacco, sugar, coffee, and cacao. The country has a market-based economy and is a member of the World Trade Organization and the Caribbean Community.

The Dominican Republic has a democratic government with a president as the head of state. It is a member of the United Nations and the Organization of American States, and has diplomatic relations with many countries around the world.